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Savage Witches, our motion picture exploration into the creative process and the art of cinema, is continuing its journey around the world. Coming up this week is the Vagrant Film Festival which is taking place in a field by river Nyoman in Belarus! This is how they describe their festival:


‘It will be shown in the finest and the greatest cinema theatre. Where the floor is grass and the roof is starry night sky. There is no smell of pop-corn or cola but dewy scent of meadow flowers and hay-field.’


Sounds perfect for Savage Witches!


Also later this month we’ll be going to Lisbon to present our second screening in Portugal. The screening will be hosted by the Portugal Underground Film Festival, who also hosted our New York premiere last year. If you’re in Lisbon please do pop along and say hi.


366 Weird Movies, that indispensable source of unique and mind bending cinema, (and by far our favourite place to hang out in internet land) has just published their 2013 Yearbook. We are very honoured that a review of Savage Witches is included and that they give us 5 out of 5 stars! Copies can be ordered HERE!




We have finally got around to listing Savage Witches on IMDB, so if you have seen the film please take a moment to pop over to the page and add your comments, reviews and ratings. Thanks 🙂


And one last little bit of news, we are currently in pre-production of our new film All My Heart’s Desires, A Feminine Film Festival Concerning Phantoms & Beasts. The film is inspired by dreams and draws upon folk tales, mythology and alchemy. We are currently casting, planning and getting the show on the road with plans to shoot this Autumn and if all goes to plan it will be hitting the festival screens late summer 2015! Find out more HERE!


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