The Kingdom Of Shadows – First Images From The Film

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The latest film from underground filmmakers Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais, The Kingdom Of Shadows is a mystical cinematic experience which stirs from the darkness the spirits of our ancestors and reawakens the horror of unresolved crimes and denied desires. Shot on location in Portugal with an international cast, The Kingdom Of Shadows is a surrealist vision inspired by dreams, biblical myths, alchemy and family history. A family trapped in a house are tormented by unseen forces, a lost figure desperately attempts to escape his crimes, two lovers drift in eternal darkness and a hooded alchemist seeks the key to transformation. All are connected, each of their actions sends ripples through the dimensions. In order to heal one all must be healed.


Fawcett & Pais have been collaborating on films and moving image work since 2011, their work is defined by a rigorous craft and an interest in the expression of dreams and visions through cinematic language. The Kingdom Of Shadows is one of three feature films made in 2016, all of which explore the themes of mythical wastelands, darkness and the quest for personal inner transformation. In a manifesto published earlier this year, they discuss their approach to filmmaking as “striving towards a cinema that reveals what is hidden, cinema’s power is not in capturing reality but in expressing the inner life.” They believe that our thoughts and feelings are projected onto the world around us and that cinema and art can be tools for taking charge of these projections. The Kingdom Of Shadows confronts these projections and reaches deep into the darkness to reveal what is hidden. What is found may be akin to a nightmare but we must go through the shadows in order to reach the light. The film is currently in post-production and due to be released in Autumn 2016.


UK / 24th October: The Kingdom Of Shadows @ The Cambridge Film Festival

PORTUGAL / 19th November: The Kingdom Of Shadows @ Passos Manuel, Porto, presented by Andrómeda


Runtime: 70 mins | Ratio: 16:9 | Shooting Format: HD Colour | Year: 2016


Created by: Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais | Cast: Joana Castro, Bruno Senune, Fabrizio Federico, Andrei Răuțu, Carina de Matos, Flavia Barabas, André Almeida Rodrigues, Daniel Pires, Diogo Jesus, Marisa Freitas, Rouzbeh Rashidi and Kay Fi’ain | Special Appearance: Fanfarra dos Bombeiros Voluntários da Cidade de Espinho | Camera Assistant: Catarina David | Production Assistant: Ana Leal Aguiar | Transport: Mário Rui Castro | Post-Production FX: Maria Ricardo | Music: The Phantom Film Band with Rafael Cortés, Filipa Freire, Inês Campos, Sara Yasmine e Maria Vasquez  | Voices: José Pais, Diogo Jesus, Rafael Cortés | Sound Design: Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais | Additional Sound: Simon Keep | Executive Producers: James Mackay, Pankaj Purohit, Babita Modgil, Lúcia Moura, Philip Fawcett


Thank you to all our Indiegogo supporters:  Vicky Mousoulis, Bill Mousoulis, Nuno Pinto Marinho, Jen Bowen, Masha Kolchina, Maximilian Le Cain, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, Roopali Ganacharya, Jorge André Nunes, Kris Cowell, Dean Puckett, Andrew Fawcett, Karen Eng, Toby Miller, Kaveh Abbasian, Cristina Pais, Vanessa Fernandes, Maria-Pia Santillo, Kelly Hughes, Sandra Barth, Graeme Cole, Jit Phokaew, David Sjöberg, Samuel Christian Kershaw, Pedro Leitão, Sara Barros, Hooroo Jackson and Jason Marsh.


Thank you also to all who have helped this production and allowed us to use film locations and studio space: Nascente – Cooperativa de Acção Cultural, Roberto Esteves, Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis, José Pais, Cristina Pais, Mário Rui Castro, Lucia Moura and David Pais.















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See some behind the scenes photos from the shoot here.