Studio Diary series

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We have now completed the first 20 short films of our ongoing Studio Diary series, which we are working on throughout 2018. This series will eventually consist of 101 films: 100 shorts and 1 feature length film.


We have set ourselves some very simple rules or restrictions for the making of these films:


1 – Each Studio Diary must be shot, edited and released online on the same day it is made (or released the following morning at the latest).


2 – The sound must also be created on the same day but recorded separately from the video. No synch sound.


3 – The Studio Diaries are intended to capture moments from our day and are considered to be similar in function to a written diary but rather than words on a page we use the tools of moving images and sound design.


The feature length installment will be created over two weeks after completion of the 100 shorts, it will be entitled Studio Diary 101: Self Portrait.


The first 20 films are available to watch here.