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Dir. Daniel Fawcett


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Daniel Fawcett’s Splendor Solis is a twin screen cine-poem that has been compiled from footage filmed over 17 years. It features everything from home movies, unfinished films, video diaries, video experiments, filmed performances and behind the scenes footage.


This loosely chronological cinematic wandering charts a journey in which filmmaking is used as a tool for personal exploration of inner and outer worlds, where cinema becomes an arena for rituals of self-discovery, healing and transformation. Splendor Solis is a personal celebration of cinema, creativity, play, collaboration, friendship and all the splendours under the sun.


Runtime: 57 mins | Country: UK | Ratio: 16:9 | Shooting Formats: HD/Super8/VHS/DV – Colour/B+W | Year: 2015


Director: Daniel Fawcett | Sound Design: Simon Keep | Music: Simon Keep, Jos Dow, Daniel Fawcett, Alex Lemming, Magnus Williams, Thomas Hartley | Editing: Daniel Fawcett, Clara Pais | Production: The Underground Film Studio


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British born Daniel Fawcett is an artist filmmaker who has written, directed and edited seven feature length films. His interests in psychology, myth, ritual, the art of cinema and the natural world infuse his work.


Alongside making films, Daniel has organised and programmed screening events in the UK and Portugal and is co-founder of the publications One+One Filmmakers Journal and Film Panic. His feature films include: Black Sun (2017), The Kingdom Of Shadows (2016), In Search Of The Exile (2016), Splendor Solis (2015), Savage Witches (2012) co-directed with Clara Pais, Teenage Wildlife (aka Dirt) (2010) and Come On Thunder (2006).


Splendor Solis came about in September 2014 when Daniel Fawcett set about archiving the hundreds of hours of footage that he had filmed over the last 17 years since he first picked up a camera at age 16. He had for sometime been thinking about creating a film out of this footage but wasn’t certain what form it would take. Fawcett has always had a love of cinema in all its guises from the art house to the mainstream, from experimental films to classic Hollywood, he takes inspiration from it all and Splendor Solis reflects this. Of his filmmaking process he said:


“It is the world of myth and stories that I am interested in, the archetypes and how they manifest through characters and performance. I am interested in the play of making films, the gathering of people together in a sort of ritual of acting out our fantasies and dreams. Filmmaking allows us to bring our inner worlds to life.”


After a year of editing, this footage has been compiled into a 57-minute twin screen experimental film that is part autobiography, part home movie and part expressionist dreamscape. The footage was edited without sound or music and once the edit was complete the soundtrack was created in collaboration with Simon Keep and Jos Dow from the experimental folk group Fishclaw. The world premiere of Splendor Solis took place on 11th September 2015 at the 35th Cambridge Film Festival.