SCENE 13 – THE CROW (2017)

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About a year ago we were invited by the Experimental Film Society to contribute a scene to their ongoing collaborative feature film project The Last of Deductive Frames. It took us a long time to find out what we were going to contribute to this project but about a week ago we both had a strange dream on the same night which referred to entering a dark abyss and a terrifying black void, each of our dreams seemed to refer to each others’, echoing and in some ways answering the other’s. We immediately began work on this 10 minute scene which we knew straight away would be created for The Last of Deductive Frames.


We call our contribution SCENE 13 – THE CROW, it can be watched for free below.




The Last of Deductive Frames is a collaborative omnibus feature film being made gradually over time by the filmmakers associated with Experimental Film Society. It is a film that starts but never finishes. Each filmmaker will contribute a ten minute section to it. These sections will be assembled in the order in which they are completed. This constantly growing work will initially be for the internet, but will eventually be presented on the big screen. The only strict rule at the outset is that each segment must last exactly ten minutes, although further rules might be added as the film develops. The Last of Deductive Frames is a living cinematic organism designed to forget its creators as it evolves.


Watch all completed scenes.


Thanks to EFS & Rouzbeh Rashidi for inviting us to be a part of this project!