New Film Shooting This Summer!

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This year we will be shooting a new feature film, All My Heart’s Desires, A Feminine Film Concerning Phantoms and Beasts. Currently in pre-production, aiming for a release early 2015. Here’s the synopsis:


All My Heart’s Desires is a mystical melodrama, a story of changing identities where the past and present exist as one. It deals with the inner world of Sherry, a middle aged housewife who unleashes all that has been hidden and locked away since a dramatic childhood trauma. Like the bursting of a great dam, the contents of her unconscious worlds flood forth into reality, forcing her to face her past, her self and the phantoms and beasts within.


In a state of possession, hypnotised by the crashing waves and the bright light of the full moon, Sherry acts out a desire to be free from her personal prison and kills the judgemental daughter of her oppressive husband. She flees and finds herself in a large country house deep within the woods. At first it appears to be abandoned but her presence there brings it to life, reigniting the fires that have long laid cold.


As the house around her comes to life she too is transformed, finding herself to be a player in a domestic drama and a raging war. Her step-daughter’s corpse reappears and the more she tries to dispose of it, the more she gives it life until it becomes a fully living girl again. The House is overseen by the Master, a mysterious figure whom everyone fears but is eager to please as he is the only force protecting the inhabitants from the heathen soldiers, who live in the woods and worship a fearsome beast. Desperate to be free, Sherry is stuck between facing the dangers of the house and those of the woods. But as she journeys further through the labyrinthine warren of rooms and corridors and unearths its mysteries, it becomes impossible to keep the outside forces at bay and the beast is sure to be released amongst them, albeit with unsuspected consequences.


Based primarily on dreams and drawing from folk tales and mythology, All My Heart’s Desires is a fantasy film to heal the soul, an exploration of the masculine and feminine energies that exist within us, and an attempt to transform psychological traumas and blocks into great sources of power and insight. It will be a film like no other, a colourful fantasy and a visually striking work of cinema.


Language: English | Tech Specs: HD 16.9 Colour | Country: Portugal | Production Date: Summer 2014 | Estimated Run Time: 90 mins | Estimated Release: Early 2015