Prelude to Phantom Islands: Jungle Formula by Rouzbeh Rashidi

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Prelude to Phantom Islands: Jungle Formula is a short film/promo created by Rouzbeh Rashidi for his upcoming feature film Phantom Islands, in which we play the lead roles of Boris and Zoe a tormented couple wandering the wild landscapes of Ireland.


‘Jungle Formula’ was filmed one evening during the shoot when we were staying in a small cottage on the beautiful Valentia Island. Rouzbeh asked us to conceive of a short sequence of 5 shots which he thought may end up in Phantom Islands as a kind of film within the film but after shooting it instantly became clear that the tone was very different from the rest of the shoot and probably wouldn’t be a part of the main film. But some strange forces had been unleashed, cinematic demons from deep within the tangled undergrowth were let loose, behold his discovery, Doctor Rashidi’s creatures from beyond:



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