The Grain Of Ultimate Silence – Collage Book by Nikola Gocić

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Sometime ago cinephile collage artist Nikola Gocić invited us to be a part of one of his collage series as characters, we created a series of photos portraits of ourselves which we used as the basis for each panel. The result is The Grain of Ultimate Silence, a 22 page artbook full of intricately composed and beautiful imagery, taking inspiration from dreams, alchemy, mythology and avant-garde films.


It is now available to purchase here.


Here’s the full synopsis:

“While searching for the mythical artifact known only as The Grain of Ultimate Silence, a couple of über-celestial entities, C and D, find themselves lost in a labyrinthine realm on the verge of hypnagogic collapse. Their short, transformative adventure plays out as a self-referential, weirdly irrational, slightly tongue-in-cheek phantasy, with each ‘étape’ posing as a poster for a fictive experimental film.


The characters of D and C are portrayed, respectively, by the filmmakers Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais who generously provided the photographs of themselves. Old newspapers and public domain images were used for the text lines, backgrounds and accompanying elements, no copyright infringement intended.”


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