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Black Sun & The Kingdom Of Shadows are two new medium length experimental films being made by Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais, from The Underground Film Studio, currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.


We have only a few days left and still a bit to raise, so here is a unique perk for the dreamers out there. We are looking for people who would like their dreams turned into short films!


Dreams have been a part of our filmmaking process for a while now, we have been writing down our dreams daily for the past couple of years, out of this several films have grown. For us dreams are like gifts, they speak from a place beyond the intellect and rational mind, there is a truth in them. We write them down, plant them like seeds in our notebooks and eventually they grow into films.


Sponsors wishing to have a short film created from their dreams can do so by sponsoring £600 or more, and sending us an email with a description of their dream. The film will then be an interpretation of the dream material, a meeting place between the description of the dreamer and the unique visual style we have been developing, which will no doubt result in something exciting and revealing.


There are many other ways you can help bring these dream visions to the screen. Sponsors can donate as little or as much as they like, everyone who sponsors gets a totally unique cine-poem thank you film and for as little as £10 you’ll be amongst the first to see the films!


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Black Sun is the first in a series of films exploring humankind’s relationship to darkness; The Kingdom Of Shadows is a personal reworking of the Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel stories, inspired by dreams and silent movies. These are films about questing into the unknown, attempts to make films aside from the modes of industrial and patriarchal cinema. This is a cinema of dreams, visions and deep feeling.


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