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We are very excited to announce the first season of our new screening programme which features a showcase of contemporary underground and experimental films. These screenings have been programmed by FILM PANIC in association with Shortcutz Porto, all screenings take place in Porto, Portugal. Full programme details coming October 2016.


Wed 16th November 2016 

Short Films by the Experimental Film Society + TRAILERS (2016/Rouzbeh Rashidi) with director Q+A

Wed 7th December 2016

Alchemy In The Amstel (2016/Janja Rakuš) + Short Films by Toby Tatum with director Q+A

Wed 25th January 2017 

Suggestive Gestures (2014/David Finkelstein) with director Q+A

Wed 22nd February 2017 

Orphine (2014/Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian) + Pregnant (2015/Fabrizio Federico)

Sat 25th March 2017 

Bom Dia Carlos (2015) + Pazúcus: Island of Vomit and Despair (2016/Gurcius Gewdner)

Wed 26th April 2017

Merlin The Sorcerer (2015/Jorge Núñez) + Short films by Igor and Ivan Buharov + Carcass Programme: HOMO FEROX / CORPUS REX (2017/Experimental Film Society)


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