EFS and The Underground Film Studio Partnership

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We are very excited to announce that The Underground Film Studio has joined forces with the Experimental Film Society, and we will be collaborating on a series of projects, screenings and publications. Here is the official announcement from the Experimental Film Society’s Rouzbeh Rashidi, including a list of our collaborations so far and upcoming projects.


“The Experimental Film Society is happy to announce a new creative partnership with The Underground Film Studio (Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais). Over the past two years I have been discussing ideas, participating in numerous projects, and exchanging practical knowledge about filmmaking and cinema with Daniel and Clara. I was astonished to realise how many common interests and shared values we have about filmmaking and screening. Through this partnership I am hoping to open up new possibilities for the EFS and the Underground Film Studio to make works in a much more economical environment, presenting them globally and also providing a discourse for them to help find greater exposure. Here is a list of our collaborations so far:


1. TRAILERS (2016); partially shot in Portugal. HERE

2. The Kingdom of Shadows (2016) by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais. Supported by the EFS through a crowd funding campaign. I also played a small role in the film. HERE

3. The EFS, in partnership with Filmbase, Dublin, presented a double bill by The Underground Film Studio in 2016. HERE

4. A programme of EFS works and TRAILERS played at Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, Porto. These screenings were programmed by FILM PANIC (Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) in association with Shortcutz Porto in 2016. HERE

5. The Underground Film Studio interviewed me about Ten Years in the Sun (2015). HERE

6. The EFS interviewed Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais about their film practice for EFS Publications. HERE

7. Daniel Fawcett contributed to the EFS statement. HERE


Forthcoming projects:

1. The Underground Film Studio will contribute to the ongoing EFS project The Last of Deductive Frames Vimeo Channel.

2. The Underground Film Studio will contribute to the EFS book Luminous Void dealing with ideas that I have been developing over the past 17 years. The edit and proofing of this material is underway and I am hoping to publish the book via a crowd-funding system next year.

3. FILM PANIC interviewed me for their next edition, in which a comprehensive account of EFS and the ideas behind TRAILERS will be published.

4. We are also working on number of ambitious projects for making several feature films. Details will be announced soon.


I am very optimistic about collaborative partnerships like this. They are possibly the only way to survive in the extremely hostile circumstances of underground and experimental cinema. My formula so far has been simple and effective: ignore the negativities around you completely; use every single opportunity you can salvage to your benefit; and finally, help yourself by helping like-minded artists and filmmakers, and progress by hard work. Onwards!”