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Here are a few stills and clips from my first feature film Come On Thunder which was made back in 2006. Shot on mini-dv with no-budget and a cast and crew gathered together from friends and people from the local area, it was an unforgettable and life changing experience. Even though I had made quite a lot of short films before, this was the first time I worked with any crew, actors and a script. The film has never been screened and only a hand-full of people have ever seen it, back then I was more concerned with the making of films than I was with showing them, it wasn’t until collaborating on Savage Witches with Clara Pais and starting The Underground Film Studio in 2011 that I started to put more thought into exhibiting work.


I am very fond of this film and plan to release it on DVD and VOD later this year. It’s a simple film in many ways, a kind of character study and a film about the relationship between the psychological states of the characters and the environments in which they live. It’s a quiet film that wants to scream, it’s about isolation and the desire to break through the psychological barriers that stand between us and the life we want to live.



Written, Directed and Edited by: Daniel Fawcett | Cast: Vito Maraula, Lee Hopkins and Rebecca Simmonds | Music: Alex Woodrow and Sébastien Daniell | Sound Design: Simon Keep | Cinematography: Emma Bailey | Costumes: Jessica Mautner | Casting: Jennie Taylor


Runtime: 77 mins | Country: UK | Ratio: 16:9 | Shooting Formats: DV, Colour | Year: 2006 | Language: English























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