CINE-REBIS – The London & Porto Underground Film Festivals

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Earlier this year we took over the running of the London Underground Film Festival, since then we have started a sister festival in Porto, Portugal and it is also looking very likely that we’ll be taking highlights of the festival on a tour to various film clubs and independent cinemas around the globe throughout 2014. Due to this expansion we decided that rather than have an ever extending name it seemed that the best thing to do was to create a new name, so from now on we’ll be presenting each edition of the festival under the banner of CINE-REBIS, adding the appropriate sub-header such as ‘The London Underground Film Festival’ to each edition depending on the nature of the specific event.


Rebis is a term alchemists used for the results of their great work, their magnum opus. It is often illustrated as an androgynous character, a two headed figure with both male and female genitals. This image represents the union between masculine and feminine energies and the marriage of spirit and matter. The great quest of the alchemist was to find the way to transform base materials such as lead into gold through a process of breaking down and reuniting the elements into a new whole. But they believed this gold could only be created through a process of profound inner work and that it was these personal transformations that would bring about the transformations in metals with which they worked.


The name CINE-REBIS felt like an appropriate description of the kind of cinema we are interested in screening. A cinema of personal explorations created by artists striving to create meaningful, unique and uncompromising cinematic visions, who follow their own path, who dive into the depths of their souls and share the mysterious experiences and discoveries they make along the way of their quest for the divine gold.


The first events will be taking place very soon, we can’t wait to share with you the wonderful selection of films that we have gathered together for the first editions of CINE-REBIS!


LONDON: 14th – 17th November at The Horse Hospital


PORTO: 29th November – 1st December at Maus Hábitos


Full programme available soon.