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We’ve just launched a crowdfunding page for our two new medium length experimental films, Black Sun & The Kingdom of Shadows. Have a look at it here!


Black Sun is the first in a series of films exploring humankind’s relationship to darkness, it follows one woman’s descent into the depths of her soul. The film mostly takes place in pitch black darkness with only the occasional images flickering across the screen. Relying very much on the use of sound design, we aim to create a cinematic experience of the mind which plays differently to each viewer.


The Kingdom Of Shadows is a personal reworking of the Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel stories, inspired by dreams and silent movies. This will be a very unusual and visually striking film featuring some of our regular performers plus a few new collaborators. We will be processing the footage using some of the methods we have been developing in our previous projects, like projecting and re-filming footage using various different formats. The resulting multilayered and expressionist dreamlike visuals will create a sensory experience that seeks not to illustrate the story but to stimulate unexpected narratives and experiences for the viewer as images dance and collide across the screen.


These films, although self-contained works, are companion pieces which are designed to be screened as a double bill.


Please check out the video, spread the word and help us bring these unique films to life!