BLACK SUN (2017)

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BLACK SUN (2017)
A Motion Picture by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais


Glory to the soul that drifts in darkness,
Glory to the darkness that dwells within.
Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.
Lay down in the shadow of the ancient trees,
Sink into the black waters of endless night.
When stars are blotted out and eyes no longer see,
The brightness of inner sight illuminates the way.


Black Sun is an experimental feature film about darkness. A film experience presented as a ritual journey through the dark, in which the cinema becomes an arena of inner experiences and a portal to other times, other places and other worlds.


The film begins in a small rural cottage, we see a woman put her home in order then leave and walk into the woods, where she is enveloped by the night. Once she enters the darkness of the woods we too as viewers are plunged into darkness. From this point on long sections of the film have no on-screen images but what we lose in sight we gain in sound. A rich immersive sound experience internalises vision, evoking in the mind of the viewer a journey which moves through space and time and touches on both a personal and collective experience of darkness.


Black Sun is the first in a series of films exploring humankind’s relationship to the dark. Darkness is a fundamental human experience which is rarely encountered in the modern world. With this film we present a cinema-ritual in which we can reconnect with it and rather than seeing the darkness as a negative space, we seek to use it as the alchemical prima materia from which new life and truthful new images may grow.


Runtime: 61 mins | Ratio: 16:9 | Shooting Format: HD Colour | Year: 2017


Created by: Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais | Cast: Kai Fiáin, Jann Clavadetscher, Katie McFadden, Inês Campos, Molly Matthews, Daniel Fawcett, Carmim Carvalho, Rouzbeh Rashidi, José Pais, Clara Pais, Júlio Mendes Rodrigo, Rafael Cortés, Joaquim Costa Gomes, Manuela Almeida, Dionísio Alves Pereira, Jorge Ribeiro, José Oliveira Gomes, Jorge Sousa, Mário Rui Castro, José Daniel Castro, Jorge Costa, David Carvalhal, Sousa Moura, Eduardo Moura, Mário Fonseca, Bruno Costa | Sound Design: Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais | Costumes: Patricia Shim, Filipa Melo | Executive Producers: Pankaj Purohit, Babita Modgil, Lúcia Moura, James Mackay