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We are slowly putting together an archive of articles, reviews and interviews that we have written over the last few years. Here’s a little selection of pieces on three of our favourite American film-makers: those masters of super 8 melodramas and home made trash epics, Mike and George Kuchar, and that Frisco fornicator Curt McDowell, whose cinematic explorations of sex in all its guises is matched by no other. These articles should serve as a good introduction to anyone unfamiliar with their films, and for those of you already converted to their cinematic pleasures hopefully you’ll find your love deepened and your passion fuelled!


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Eyeblaze #1 Thundercrack! (Curt McDowell, 1975)


Eyeblaze #3 It Came From Kuchar (Jennifer Kroot, 2009) 


Lower Your Trousers! An Introduction to the Films of Curt McDowell 


The Panic Attack Productions of George Kuchar – A Tribute 


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