The Underground Film Studio is the home of projects by artists Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais.

Daniel & Clara work predominately in the fields of film, moving image, installation and performance.

Cinema is both the subject and medium with which they work. Through installation, performance, photography and filmmaking they explore the language and forms of cinema as an arena for modern ritual in which one can engage with personal and collective myths.



Their feature films for cinema include:

SAVAGE WITCHES (2012), a kaleidoscopic experiment in cinematic alchemy which follows two girls who use their imagination and the magic of cinema to break free from the prison they see around them.


IN SEARCH OF THE EXILE (2016), a visionary cinematic experience, a doorway into a dreamworld where reality morphs and transforms before our eyes.


Their latest film, THE KINGDOM OF SHADOWS is a personal reworking of the Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel stories, inspired by dreams and silent movies.


BLACK SUN, the first in a series of films exploring humankind’s relationship to darkness, is currently in post-roduction and will be released in 2017.


Find out more about their films here!

Daniel and Clara also programme screenings and events and publish FILM PANIC Magazine. FILM PANIC features interviews and articles about the art of cinema focusing on the creative process of artist filmmakers. An archive of past writing can be found here.





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